Java Ole and ActiveX development made easy!

COM Plug-in for Eclipse

COM Plug-in for Eclipse provides a full featured development environment for building COM based applications in Java utilising the very popular Eclipse IDE. Whilst there are several Java frameworks for working the Microsoft Component Object Model, COM Plug-in for Eclipse is the first Java IDE specific to that purpose.

Here is a list of some of the features that COM Plug-in for Eclipse provides;

  • Java COM wrapper code generator intergration from both SWTtoCOM and com4J open source projects.
  • A project wizard that allows a user to create a new Java project that contains the generated Java wrapper code for calling or embedding a COM component.
  • A beta version of version of the J-Integra® com2java tool integration is also available to licensed users.
  • Type libraries can be selected by either COM component, list of registered type libraries or by directly selecting a type library file.
  • An import wizard that provides the ability to import a sample project and generate the COM wrapper code required by the sample in one easy step. The wizard is COM aware and provides feedback on various aspects of the import process, such as if a sample requires a type library that is not installed on the users computer. This intuitive wizard makes it easy for people to get started using a COM developement frameworks such as SWTtoCOM.
  • A type library explorer for viewing the contents of a COM type library from directly within Eclipse.
  • A launch configuration that allows a Java COM application to be launched from within Eclipse. The launch configuration ensures that any required native dll's are in the classpath before launching the specified Java application.