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Licensing of the COM Plug-in for Eclipse is split into three low cost categories that is designed to fit everybody. A trial license is also available.

NOTE: Software Wizards is an Australian company and as a result must charge Australian residents GST. All prices quoted on this site include GST for Australian residents.

Commerial License (Includes SWTtoCOM)

This license is intended for business or professional use. It provides corporations, businesses or governments with the rights to develop commercial products. It includes a commercial license to SWTtoCOM such that these products can be used for any purpose.

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UsersPrice $USPrice $AUS
(inc GST)
Single UserUS$99 / userA$132 / user
2-4US$88 / userA$121 / user
5-9US$77 / userA$99 / user
10 or moreUS$66 / userA$88 / user
Site LicenseUS$990 / siteA$1,320 / user
Corporate LicenseUS$4,990A$6,600

Personal/Academic License

The intent of this license is to provide access to the product for a non-profit purpose. A personal license provides the right for teachers, students or individuals to use the product for any non commercial purpose. There is no limitation in the features of this product. Site licenses are also available for installation in computer labs.

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UsersPrice $USPrice $AUS
(inc GST)
Single UserUS$49 / userA$66 / user
Class LicenseUS$199 / max 30 usersA$264 / max 30 users
Site LicenseUS$299 / siteA$396 / site

Open source license

Software Wizards is a big believer of the open source movement. In order to support the continued development of open source we provide a free 1 year renewable license. The project must use an OSI approved license and must of course make its source code available.

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