Getting Updates on Europa

COM Plug-in for Eclipse

You can use the Eclipse update manager to discover and download all updates for the COM Plug-in for Eclipse. The update manager can also be configured to schedule periodical automatic updates.

It doesn't matter whether you used the update site or zip file install process you can still use the Eclipse update feature to update an already installed plug-in.

The instructions below are for updates the COM Plugin on Eclipse 3.3 (Europa). For instructions on updating using Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) click here.

Using the update manager is easy, just follow these steps

  1. Select "Help » Software Updates » Find and Install..." menu option
  2. The "Install/Update" wizard appears. Select "Search for updates of the currently installed features"and press "Finish".
    Install/Update Wizard
  3. Eclipse may prompt you to select a mirror site. If so just select the site that is closet to you or if you are unsure then use the default one at the top of the list.
    Update Site Mirrors
  4. Eclipse will now search for updates. Remember that this is a update service for all Eclipse plug-ins so this may take a while. Searching for Updates
  5. After a while the Search Results window will appears. If a new version of the COM Plug-in is available it will appear in the list along with the possibility of other plug-ins that require updating. Update Results
  6. Make sure the COM Plug-in for Eclipse Updates checked and then click the "Next" button.
  7. Accept the license agreement.
  8. The wizard will display the confirmation page of the features that will be updated. Make sure that the COM features you expect are listed here and then click "Finish". Update Results
  9. Lastly you will be prompted to restart Eclipse. It is recommended that you click "Yes" and do the restart. The plug-in will not operate correctly if use the "Apply Changes" button.
    Restart Eclipse
  10. That's it! The COM Plug-in should now be updated and ready to go.